RO Water Purifiers have been put up in police stations across the whole Rajasthan to provide the facility of clean drinking water for the active police force.
Successfully completed close to about 1.25 lakhs of tree plantation with the cooperation and monitoring control of police personnel in Rajasthan
As a part of mission Swachh Bharat, dustbins are placed in police stations to maintain cleanliness.

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Every citizen has a stake in the success of Rajasthan policing

The police are the crucial link in the nation’s system of crime control and the local agency of government on duty 24 hours a day to protect lives, homes, and property. Everywhere in the nation, police can be the catalyst for community crime prevention efforts.


The Rajasthan Police Foundation has engaged with a variety of organizations that are interested in or are developing new technologies and approaches that can improve policing and crime reduction.


The Rajasthan Police Foundation also maintains an innovations portfolio, identifying new and emerging trends and opportunities and maintaining an Innovation Fellows program.


The Rajasthan Police Foundation has succeeded in conducting many short and long-term studies on behalf of, or with support from, federal, state and local entities, private entities and private philanthropies.

Rajasthan Police

LEMART Treatment Kits

The Rajasthan Police Foundation is funding an initiative to provide all Rajasthan Police Officers trained in the special Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART) technique with customized treatment kits. These life-saving kits supply the necessary equipment to allow LEMART trained police officers on the scene in tactical and emergency situations to administer rapid, on-site aid for serious wounds and injuries until appropriate medical help can arrive.

“पुलिस हमेशा से सब के मन की बात सुनती आ रही है, पब्लिक को खुश रखो, अपने ऑफिसर को खुश रखो, नेताओ को भी खुश रखो, बस खुश नहीं रख पता तो वो है उनका परिवार” न तो परिवार के लिए टाइम है, न परिवार को आधुनिक सुविधाये देने व बच्चो को पढ़ाने के लिए पर्याप्त सेलेरी है। इनका मानवीयता की बात करना तो समझो एक पाप के समान है। क्योकि ये इन्सान तो है ही नहीं, मानो ये तो दूसरे ग्रह के प्राणी है। इनके लिए न तो समाजवाद, न पूंजीवाद, न गांधीवाद, न राष्टवाद, न लेफ्ट न राईट से कोई फायदा हुआ हो। इनके से कोई भी विचार धारा वाली सरकार आ जाए मगर पुलिस को तो अंग्रेजवाद के डंडे से ही हाकते है मगर पुलिस सुधार की कोई बात नहीं है। ” वो डंडा है, अंग्रेजो के जमाने का पुलिस एक्ट, जिसमे ऑफिसर अंग्रेज होते थे और लोअर पुलिस भारतीय, ये कानून बना था भारतीयों को दबाव के लिए आप समझ सकते है तो लोअर पुलिस का कितना भला हो सकता है।”


We believe that transformative reforms in the Indian Police is possible through appropriate interventions in skill building and attitudinal training, through reforms that are both bold and practical, and through collective action of all stakeholders to drive a nationwide campaign for change, keeping in mind, the difficult conditions under which our police functions.

What People Say About Us

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helping you in family court

The officials of a police department have a focus on the security of the citizens and the country. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to
promote the health and safety of these individuals, through our organization and efforts required.

We, as an Non Profit Organisation, believe in giving 100% of our output due to which, we think that there would be fruitful results in
the long run. This would lead to significant support that will be required for promoting the interest of the police department.

about us

Rajasthan Police Foundation is registered under the provisions of the Rajasthan Public Trust Act of 1959. We, as an Non Profit Organisation, work together with the Rajasthan Police Department to secure and maintain the best resources that are required for the well- being and advancement of the police officials.

The target is to strengthen the pillars for this workforce, which improves their potential to deal with the changing technology, social, and economic factors. We make sure to create awareness about the current digital scenario.

Our motive is to create a sense of belongingness, for these individuals so that, their efficiency increases with time.
We came into existence to help the most hard-working and sincere government body. These government officials are
people who contribute the most to society and for the country as a whole. An individual who is a part of such a department (police) is a significant contributor towards the community, who not only sacrifices his family but who also makes sure to give primary importance to his duties and responsibilities towards the nation and not his family.



Through your support, the RPD will receive additional resources to better serve and protect the citizens of Rajasthan and enhance its trust with the public. The Foundation works with the RPD to help secure and maintain the best resources necessary for the Department, strengthening its capabilities to deal with technological, social and economic changes that influence policing in Rajasthan today.