Our Achievements

Our achievements

Achievements help us to compare and calculate if the cause and
effect are proportional to each other or not ..

We have successfully completed close to about 1.25 lakhs of tree plantation with the cooperation and monitoring control of police personnel in Rajasthan. This was a very mandate thing to do, as in the state like Rajasthan; greenery is such an essentialaspect of getting it achieved for the environmental issues to get sorted.

Health is undoubtedly the most critical and pressing issue that needs to be regularized, due to which free health camps were organized in the Academy of Rajasthan police by our foundation. This is because a common man or a person below the poverty line cannot afford to get it done. We very well know how expensive are these check-ups and treatments are.

We have also set up awareness programs to bring harmony and coordination between the police and the civil society. These, in turn, will them both the parties to maintain respect and support for each other.

RO Water Purifiers have been put up in police stations across the whole Rajasthan to provide the facility of clean drinking water for the active police force. Some of the police stations in which the RO has been placed include – Sodala, Mahesh nagar, Shipra path, Ashok nagar, Ramganj. These are just a few names mentioned here. In all, there are close to about 20 where they have been put up since December '19 till February ‘20

As a part of mission Swachh Bharat, dustbins are placed in police stations to maintain cleanliness. This plays a vital role in maintaining a hygienic environment for the personnel. Jhotwara, Ganga pool, Manila, Vaishali nagar, etc. have dustbins in place as a part of their successful mission.

Our foundation conducted researches for the existing problems that have been faced.

The issues that are found include-

  • Boredom at work
  • Disrespected and poorly treated by the public
  • No potential is seen for the promotion
  • Postings are given far away from home
  • The housing quarters allotted are of the lousy state
  • Postings given to a different location, without prior intimation
  • The salary paid is too low, as compared to the work and responsibilities
  • All days working, no offs are given
  • The working hours are too long

Plans that we have in the coming 2 years

Our foundation has a plan to achieve specific goals, for which we are striving to hard. Our plan for achieving the goals includes.

  • Water treatment plants, furniture, and clean water supply to the police station all over Rajasthan.
  • Fitness plays a vital part, hence our foundation has planned to organize Rajasthan Police league for team spirit.
  • Free Yoga, medical, and self-improvement camps are going to be conducted for the police personnel.
  • The children of these officers will be provided with scholarships and the establishment of educational cells. This would be free of cost for competition coaching.
  • To promote employment opportunities, computer education, and other skills for the training program will also be provided.
    • Organize the Utsav Rajasthan bravery awards, annual function, and cultural program in honor of Rajasthan police.
    • Traveling policy would be made to provide free or discounted facilities.

Few police stations where the efforts are not disclosed earlier are- Subhash chowk,Bajaj nagar, Gandhi nagar Mahila, Gandhi nagar C.O office, etc. are some of them

Our Commitments

  1. We commit to providing financial co-operation in setting up a library at the police station.
  2. We will ensure to provide mental and physical training to all
    the subordinates.
  3. Organizing the scholarship programs for the police personnel’s
    children is what we aim to do.
  4. Most importantly, we aim to provide financial support to the
    relatives of deceased personnel.

Why is our existence so important?

There are a lot of unseen efforts of our brave security force and thus our existence is so important because we make it a point to be around them, whenever they are in the following instances

The officials are one call away from us in case of any emergency
These officials are working rigorously throughout the year
They make it a point to be on duty in any situation
They manage the uncontrollable traffic throughout
"Rajasthan Police
Helping Hands"!!